”Oyamacho”, also known as “Tokugawayama”, is loved by celebrities and cultural figures.
Although the surrounding area is a prime location in the center of the city, there is no unpleasant taste and the tranquility of nature drifts.
The cherry blossoms that bloom in the garden are a high-quality living environment that is surrounded by the colors of the four seasons.

5 Charms of “Living”

  • A stately town nurtured in history with the name “Tokugawayama” < Prestigious Residential Area, Oyama>
  • A high-quality mansion surrounded by the colors of nature in each season <The spring cherry blossoms that bloom in the garden are a masterpiece>
  • High convenience of living area despite being a prime location <7 minutes walk to the nearest station>
  • A one-story feeling of a garden that spreads out from the window <Enjoy the peace of your heart>
  • A mansion protected by the quietness of the filled land and the gate <a sense of security in a beautiful living environment>

  • Property name: Ariyoshi Garden House
  • Location: 33-10 Oyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Transportation:
    (Train 1) 8 minutes walk from “Yoyogi-Uehara” station on the Chiyoda line,
         8 minutes walk from “Higashi-kitazawa” station
    (Train 2) 10 minutes walk from “Sasazuka” station on the Keio line
  • Built: August 1984 (37 years old)
  • Structure: RC 3 stories above ground
  • Built by Shimizu Corporation
  • This house is built by Shimizu Corporation, one of the famous major construction company.


City Gas
1 parking lot on site (free)
4 air conditioners
Shoes closet
Abundant storage and storage in all rooms
Walk-in closet
Free room
Utility room
2 toilets
2 baths
2 washbasins
Intercom with monitor
Independent kitchen
With 3 IH heater grill
Washlet (2 places)
Kitchen with disinfectant water system

  • The walk-in closet is new and has a drawer that is extremely easy to use.
  • The northeastern toilet has a disinfectant water nozzle, and the toilet seat and toilet lid have antibacterial resin specifications.


※ Since it is an image photograph, furniture and figurines in the photograph are not actually included.


A residential area located in a spacious street area.

Rental area
TsuboRent (yen)
@ Unit price (yen / tsubo)
Common service fee Security depositOther
1F 160.0548.42650,000@13,426none2months1month
  • The security deposit will be added by +1 month (depreciated for 1 month) when raising pets
  • Form: Fixed-term lease contract 2 years (re-contract possible)
  • Re-contract fee: 1 month of new rent
  • Office Use is not allowed, Raising pets is negotiable(Only one small pet), Musical instruments not possible, Night entertainment (nightlife) business not possible
  • When raising pets, pet cleaning fee will be charged in addition to the above.
  • It costs 30,800 yen for key exchange.
  • Please take out fire insurance. (29,500 yen for 2 years)
  • You may be required to use the rent withdrawal service. 220 yen ~ / month
  • When you move out, cleaning fee for the room and air conditioner will be charged.
  • Depending on your credit check result, you may be asked to use a guarantee company.
  • The previous rent will be paid on a daily basis for the current month and until the next month.
  • Please come to our company for the contract. (See the address below)
  • The owner will live on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Income proof may be required depending on your credit result.
  • Town membership fee will be charged. (1,200 yen / year) * 100 yen per month.
  • If the drawing is different from the current status, the current status will be prioritized.
  • Short-term cancellation penalty (It will be charged 1 month’s rent and common service fee if canceled for less than 1 year)
  • If you don’t want Short-term cancellation penalty, 2 months’  Reikin will be charged.

(Train 1) 8 minutes walk from “Yoyogi-Uehara” station on the Chiyoda line,
8 minutes walk from “Higashikitazawa” station
(Train 2) 10 minutes walk from “Sasazuka” station on the Keio line


One of the moments for Yoyogi-Uehara, which was originally a rural area with wide fields, to develop as a high-class residential area where was sold under the name “Tokugawayama” from the present Nishihara to Oyama-cho in the early Showa period. From the remnants of the time when it was sold in a large and wide lot, the area around Oyama-cho is still a mansion town with many mansions boasting a vast site. Among the high-class residential areas scattered around the area, the area around Oyama -cho is the place where people admire as a particularly prestigious residential area. Around Yoyogi-Uehara Station, a mansion town where many celebrities’ residences are lined up, while being close to the city center such as Shinjuku and Shibuya.  Although it is in an excellent location within walking distance to “Shibuya” station, there are few large streets, and there is plenty of greenery in a quiet and calm living environment.


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